Jennifer Paige

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Genre : altern pop, pop, electro
This artist is from :
Nashville, USA
Activity 2018 :
Starflower, Starflower Reloaded, concerts, 20 years compilation

Jennifer Paige, legendary icon of the 90’s with her global hit Crush, that made her multiplatinum with an estimated 11 million copies sold, top 1 in 13+ countries and top 20 in 40+ countries, is a back with Starflower, an critically acclaimed altern pop album produced with Jeremy Bose. US Billboard critics picked up the album for their 2017 mid year best album top 50 and the Yorshire Times (UK), put Starflower in their Best 2017 albums top 60, #17.

Jennifer was invited in 2017 to perform in Los Angeles on William Singe’s stage, in London on the Diva Magazine Stage @ London Pride, Bristol Pride, Walled Garden Fest, to name a few.

The Devil’s In The Details


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