Kahli Abdu

KVHS_Emily_20sKahli Abdu was Born in Jos, Nigeria, where many Nigerian music and film stars emerged, or gained an education. Kahli Abdu’s music journey began in the church, where his father was a choirmaster and song leader. His mother taught him to write songs and his father taught him to sing and harmonize.
In 1996 Kahli fell in love with rap music and wrote his first rap verse. It wasn’t until 2002, upon graduating high school that he took music seriously, after he was invited to join a Rap/R&B group called Eleven Thirty. In 2005 Kahli followed his family to America, where he began his journey as a solo artist.
In 2014, Kahli joined forces with his college buddies — production duo, VHS Safari– to record and release an album titled A.R.T Project. The collaboration led to several shows across the United States East Coast, and a trip to Lagos, Nigeria, where they gained recognition for their unique brand of music.
Kahli growth as an artist is manifested in his strong body of work. While putting together and releasing six projects for free on the internet — all of which can be found on his website– Kahli demonstrates his uniqueness and versatility. Kahli sings and does his harmonies, raps, and writes all of his lyrics. One of such projects is the brilliant mixtape, Ministry of Corruption, where Kahli married hip hop and electro sounds with Fela Kuti samples beautifully. This would be the beginning of Kahli’s exploration into a sound he termed: Afro Electro
Kahli’s music has always been about channeling his memories of his childhood into words, melodies, and rhythms. His self-created genre, Afro Electro, combines groovy beats and 80’s pop synthesizers, blended with the rhythms, beautiful melodies, guitar and driving percussion that encompass music from Africa. Kahli’s combination of singing and rapping tie everything together with personal stories, and meaningful observations on the beauty and struggles in the world. This all comes together sweetly when Kahli performs live, in an incredibly energetic show.
Kahli is preparing and working on his Afro Electro solo project, which will be his debut studio solo album.


New 2016 track FESTIVAL

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