Nina Hagen

Genre : blues, rock, punk icon
This artist is from : Germany
, Berlin
Activity 2018 : new tour Nina Hagen Sings Brecht – forthcoming album

Contact (booking for France and marketing campaigns, special public appearances only, special collaborations) : or

Nina Hagen is the most famous german female singer in the history along with Marlene Dietrich.
For many she is a rock icon, “the Mother of Punk” at the same level as Iggy Pop, Grace Jones and alike. She is known for songs like African Reggae, New York, My Way. She is a respected, regarded feminist, anti-nuclear activist, peace, LGBTQ and anti-racist activist. She is also a strong TV personality. Her amazing personality, her voice, her oustanding look and feel mixing punk, rock, gospel, goth, baroque and opera influenced a lot of the rock, goth, emo, cosplay scene until now.

Every and each of her live appearances is an event even if she more into blues, folk than punk now

Nina Hagen is a Universal Germany recording artist, and she also write books, makes advertising campaigns.

Million Voices (Deutsche Telekom)

Peta (with Pamela Anderson) :