Nina Hagen

Genre : rock, punk
This artist is from : Germany

Contact (booking for France and marketing campaigns + special public appearances only) :

Nina Hagen, is the most famous german singer in the history along with Marlene Dietrich.
She is an icon like Iggy Pop, Dali, Kinski but for the punk rock movement of the 80’s. Nina “Mother Of Punk” Hagen is regulary asked by fashion worldwide creators like Prada, brands like Converse, Deutsch Telekom, animal protection non profit like Peta to play at their show or to rep their brands for campaigns. Her amazing personality, her voice, her oustanding looks mixing punk, rock, gospel, goth, baroque and opera influenced and still a lot of the rock, goth, emo scene since the release of her global successes “New York, New York” and “African Reggae”.

Nina Hagen is a Universal Germany recording artist, and she also write books, makes advertising campaigns. You can check her latest project, an incredible silent film, featuring Slash, Iggy Pop, Grace Jones, Henry Collins, Lemmy, Justice amongst others, directed by Bjorn Tagemose here :


Past campaigns :
Million Voices (Deutsche Telekom)

Peta (with Pamela Anderson) :